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A split-second can make a difference, especially when you’re into gaming. Gamers know what we’re talking about since it often makes the difference between life or death, being a winner or a loser. DFusing wanted to offer an affordable solution to the gamers who don’t want to be at the wrong side. They were looking for a partner that could help them translating this into a visual identity that evokes the right feeling and attracts to the wide gaming audience.

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The fact that everything goes really fast in gaming, a keyboard plays an essential role and the fact its always custom made needs to come forward in the identity.


DFusing’s biggest differentiator is the price-quality level of the product since it’s assembled by hand. With this in mind, we wanted to create a strong balance between craftsmanship in a digital environment and the real value of using its keyboard. We came up with an identity that reflected the pace of gaming in combination with the mechanism in the keyboard itself. Creating an exciting and vibrant brand that only needs a "simple system" to tell its story.


We liked to work on this project because:

  1. Enterpreneurs with a unique selling point and ambition need to be supported.
  2. Gaming is awesome with a custom keyboard.

We're not into one night stands

Because we consider a brandstory is in constant development, we aspire to build strong relationships with our customers in the role of creative partner.

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