Marketing that speaks

The term 'online presence' is outdated, digital presence is the new thing now. Why choose for an approach where there’s more to choose from. Mark Two wants to push brands further in their communication to its audience. Look further than SEO, Google Display or ads on Facebook (of course it’s still involved), but let’s try to put the brand really out there. Not only throwing in an ad-budget the classical way, instead we’re going for voice as well.

Mark Two was looking for a partner that could make all this tangible and therefor came to MAKEOUT. Creating an identity that was fresh and new.

  • Branding

  • Strategy

  • Naming

  • Animation

  • Digital Toolkit

  • Type Design


Mark Two needed that edgy feeling without loosing their professionalism. We started off with a fresh color palette and a custom made font.

Since it’s about adding new technology to the way a brand communicates towards its audience we added some extra by introducing animation. To make it all very dynamic. Let the brand speak for itself to convince brands that there are more ways to put themselves out there. And that’s what we did for Mark Two.


We felt a connection with this project from the first time we met because:

  1. Implementing new technological possibilities is awesome.
  2. We like to work with clients that dare to just go for it.

We're not into one night stands

Because we consider a brandstory is in constant development, we aspire to build strong relationships with our customers in the role of creative partner.

Let's date and talk about your story


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