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The Metaverse: Much to lose, much to collect.

Just wow.🤯 By 2030, McKinsey & Company predicts that consumers and businesses will spend around $5 trillion! in the Metaverse. Crazy, while most still don't know how to explain blockchain to Uncle Patrick or know what ETH means. There is still a lot to learn, but mostly a lot to pick up. Not least for brands. 👀

⬛️ If we compare Web 3.0 to the rise of the Internet, we were only in 1995. So oof, we still have (loads of) time.

⬛️ Although Zuckerberg's #META bills itself as the party to make Web 3.0 accessible to the masses, they are miles away from what Web 3 actually stands for: a decentralized environment where everyone retains power over their own data. Taking Web 2.0 dynamics with a VR sauce that's obviously not the point. 

⬛️ The small preview of our Web 3.0 future made us very happy. Each of the projects reviewed redistributed power. 

⬛️ Remember the word: #Interoperability, or the ability to link avatars, systems, standards... together. This will allow people to travel fluidly through different parts of the Metaverse and will be a crucial component of making technology mainstream. 

⬛️ Not being bound by physical limitations or the laws of physics creates endless possibilities, with only your creativity as a limitation. There will be unseen opportunities for brands to enter the Metaverse to build a brand. 

⬛️ There is a lot of brand value to build but also a lot to lose. As a brand, ask yourself: does this Metaverse project contribute to something bigger, and is blockchain valuable technology in this story? Being in the Metaverse for the sake of being in the Metaverse is not intelligent. Maybe your campaign still just needs a good old landing page.

⬛️ Do a mental reset. Go from a Go-To-Market to a Go-To-Community. How can your brand give as much value (back) to your fan #community as possible? 

⬛️ We get knocked around with #NFTs, with thousands of iterations on 'Bored Apes', but if your NFT project gives little back to communities, it has little chance of success. 

Some or most things aren't clear yet. That's totally ok. We are collectively learning. ✨

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